Naming the “baby”

Monday, Jan.4, 1943

My mother was barely two months pregnant but she and my father were already referring to the unborn child as “Daniel,” although they were also possibly expecting a “Susie.” The most popular names this year were “James” and “Mary,” hardly suitable for a Jewish child. The first Old Testament name on the list was “David” at number 6 for boys and “Judith” at number 7 for girls.

The Flying Fortress

The Flying Fortress

Coincidentally, the Army and Navy were also thinking about names having decided to adopt the English practice of giving popular names to ships and planes in active service. In fact, the English had already given names to the American craft, many of which were kept to avoid confusion. The B17 became a Flying Fortress * while the B24 became the Liberator. The B23 would henceforth be a Dragon while a P40 would be a Warhawk. The one exception to names already given by the English would be the Navy’s Grumman carrier fighter. The British called it the Martlet but were requested to adopt the American name Wildcat.

*Watch this History Channel video to learn more about the Flying Fortress.





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