Little Orphan Annie:”Only the beginnin’ “

Sunday, Jan. 3, 1943

The saga of Little Orphan Annie has shown remarkable staying power thanks to musicals and movies. But how many know that in 1943 she was a Colonel in the junior commandos?

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 3.35.05 PMAs this comic strip from the previous day indicates, the war effort, turning the corner in Africa and gearing up in Europe, was, indeed, just getting started in the Pacific. True to Joseph Grew’s predictions, the Japanese were making fierce stands in the Philippines and had taken Manila and the Cavite naval base. In a sign of the times, the Chicago Tribune no longer put sports results on the Sunday front page. Now there was a daily column: “Highlights of Day’s Fighting On All Fronts.”

On the Home Front, enemy aliens were required now to turn in their radios and Price Administrator Leon Henderson acknowledged the “gloomy possibility” that passenger cars would have to commandeered for the war effort. Asked if taxicabs would also be taken, he answered, “That depends on how soon we can whip the Japs.”

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