Bombshell News From France

Thursday, Dec. 17, 1942

A Bombshell – a good one! French Admiral Jean Darlan joined the Allies and commited what was left of the French fleet to the Allied effort stating: “French Africa, with the Allies, must make the maximum military effort for the defeat of Germany and Italy.” The Allies were cynical, as this British newscast makes clear. Darlan had resisted their overtures. Now he saw which way the wind was blowing in North Africa and switched sides. Separately, a dissenting group within the French navy had already scuttled the fleet at Toulon to keep it out of Axis hands.

There was good news, too, about food, too. A bumper crop of grapefruit meant a good source of Vitamin C and Mary Meade suggests several ways to serve it such as broiled or in a salad.

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