Cold Wave!

Sunday, Dec. 13, 1942

Dec. 13, 1942_22_Defense Plant needs womenFuel rationing goals collided with Chicago weather as temperatures plunged and tempers frayed. At 5 – 10’ below 0, Governor Dwight H. Green labeled fuel ration attempts “absolute chaos” and called the situation a health crisis for the people of Illinois. Fuel dealers stopped asking for coupons as frantic homeowners stocked up. I picture my parents curled up in front of their fire, maybe even stretching out to sleep there through the night, like camping out indoors.

And while 18-yr olds were enlisting at a slower rate than hoped, 13-year old Donald Tosta very nearly joined a bunch of marine recruits leaving Chicago from Union Station — until his mother showed up with a birth certificate. His response when she came up to him in the crowd and tapped his arm? “Aw gee, ma!”

As for women, this ad illustrates the growing opportunities. Governor Green told the Society of Indiana Pioneers that the USA, with its superior production capacity, would “smother the enemy” by end of 1943. Thanks to women entering the workforce, the “smother” part came true although it took more than one additional year


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