Welcome to the Kitchen

Thursday, Dec. 3, 1942

Come into the kitchen. Do you see that bucket in the lower left? It looks as if there is some Berwyn 1942_0004kind of chair stuck in it. That’s a heavy duty wash board for scrubbing clothes. No wonder so many companies marketed soaps and creams to keep a woman’s hands soft and lovely. Just think what it did to your skin to clutch wet clothing and rub it hard against the corrugated board.

Now take a closer look at the kitchen and the refrigerator. My parents were thrilled to have so much room. They considered themselves lucky. Plenty of young military couples were worse off. Some were glad just to have a hammock on stranger’s porch! Remember, after the Depression, many people would consider this a step up in living conditions. Note, too: the concept of “life style” had not yet been born. That idea is a luxury of people who can choose how and where to live.

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