Home, Sweet Home — In Berwyn, Illinois

Tuesday, Dec. 1, 1942

Berwyn 1942This grainy picture is the first entry in a photo album my father started after returning from the family visit East. A talented amateur photographer, he created a small darkroom near a washtub and crafted an enlarger from a coffee can. So, from this point on, I can share not only excerpts from letters but also images of life on the Home Front.

The small brick bungalow-style home was in Berwyn, (http://www.berwyn-il.gov/) whose website proudly proclaims it “Beautiful Berwyn.” Just 8 miles from the center of Chicago, it was first settled in the mid-1800’s but officially started life in 1908 when it broke away from nearby Cicero, IL.

I don’t know what the rent for this home was — my parents wouldn’t have moved there if it hadn’t been cheap. Today those bungalows are a major attraction and Berwyn boasts of its architectural heritage.

Coming next: An Open House Tour.

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