The End of the War?

Monday, Nov. 16, 1942

Jubilation! After a long war-imposed silence, The New York Times reported, church bells Monoc the elephant_NYT_Nov.16were allowed to ring in celebration of the victories in North Africa. The Second Front would surely hasten the end of the war.

We, of course, know how wide of the mark that hope was.

More realistic was an appeal to women to turn in discarded silk and nylon stockings. Some of that precious material would go to make powder bags. Also ominous was the announcement of further cutbacks in the rain schedule between New York and Chicago. My parents had already reserved their return to Chicago so we’ll see how that turns out.

And escaped circus elephant Modoc was lured out of the Huntington, Indiana woods by offers of bread. The mock heroic account of a “safari” in the “jungle” brought a little comic relief to a war-weary people.


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