“If only I had a back to rub now…”

Saturday, Nov. 14, 1942

My father actually boarded the train today but I’ll finish up his long letter:

“Well, Liebchin.. Here it is sometime after midnight and instead of sleeping like a good boy, I’m sneaking an extra page in… I did eat that 10 PM supper after all – Roast beef with gooey cake and coffee – Boy, all that excitement over the second front—– I could cry—I missed Roosevelt’s speech in French – I was so disappointed – I wanted to hear it in the worst way but I was busy at the time—I hope it’s repeated…Humpf! I’m getting that sensation around the eyes that tells me I’d better get to sleep or else I’ll be up all night….If only I had a back to rub now….”

The invasion of North Africa opened a Second Front — galvanizing the country and changing the course of the war. We know today that there was intense debate in the Joint Allied Command about where, when – even if – there should be such a thing while the USA was still gearing up production of materiel and training of enlistees. My father may have missed Roosevelt’s speech but you don’t have to. Here’s a link. Scroll down to Nov. 7, 1942.

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