The Power of the Ballot Box

Tuesday, Nov. 3, 1942

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 3.46.38 PMThe Tribune today featured two banner headlines: one heralded the fall of Kokoda to MacArthur’s troops, the other reminded people to vote. Today’s vote, declared a smaller headline, would be a verdict on the war.

In 1942, fewer and fewer countries offered citizens the right to vote or, if they did, the voting was a sham, the outcome long since determined. The cartoon on the right appeared on the front page. It reminded Americans of the power they wield at the ballot box.

In the U. S. A., the GOP was convinced it was poised Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 3.54.12 PMto take over Congress. In its sights for 1944? The Presidency. Thomas E. Dewey was confident of becoming Governor of New York. This cartoon, on the right, also appeared in the Nov. 3 Tribune but on the Editorial page.

Tomorrow is your last chance to vote in in 2014. Don’t silence your voice.

No letters today but can’t resist sharing this front page item: Effective immediately, the five-cent cigar will be 6 cents.

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