My mother on the offense — in a nice way

Monday, Nov. 2, 1942

Her first day home, my mother wrote a letter describing her reunion with her family and immediately began hatching a plan to win over her mother-in-law:

“ My family has the situation neatly doped out and were as tranquil as Buddha completely understanding your mother’s attitude and angle, and absolutely free from rancor or pain. My mother: ‘He [your husband] will be very welcome in our home.’ My father: ‘Such things are to be expected but they usually turn out all right. We will wait and see. There is no rush.’ My father thought that a formal visit to your mother by my great-uncle, a Rabbi, is a swell idea, and, if necessary he will make a trip to Borough Park to arrange it….. Gee, I’m tired, and I shall now hit the hay with a resounding thwack. Wish you were here — boy, do I wish you were here!”

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