Family Battle Lines Are Drawn

Thursday, Oct. 29, 1942

My mother’s departure was a few days away and the family situation was becoming even more tense, as today’s letter from my father to his sister reveals:

“It’s a good thing you’re pregnant – otherwise I’d let out a little on you – for suggesting things like you do. Listen, Darling, (I really love you), if you think for one eentsy-teensy minute that I’m going to sleep at home without my wife, or even think of it, you are horribly hallucinating.

 Now sister dear, don’t get all aggravated. I’ve made up my mind about the plan weeks ago and I’m going to follow it. I didn’t want to tell you before because you might get aggravated, but now I’ve got to tell you before you begin to think too many things. If mom keeps us out just because she doesn’t want to give in – then I’m not giving in either.

 1) I’m going to come to new York on the 15th.

2) I’m going to call up mom from the station.

3) I’m going to ask her if I can bring my wife home with me – on a friendly standing

4) If she says yes – ok

5) If she says no, I’ll go home and pick up my stuff, say hello and goodby. I’ll expect you to be there too, unless you’re in the middle of having your baby. All other business will be done on a few trips.

6) If Mom says yes, we’ll probably spend a few weeks in New York.

 Don’t worry about us, kid. We’re so happy together that we don’t need anybody else and we certainly aren’t going to give in on any important things like my sleeping at home without my wife.”






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