Business as Usual?

Thursday, Oct. 15, 1942

Oct. 15, 1942_p.14If the war in the Pacific taught Chicagoans names and places they had never heard of, the European Theater was all too familiar. “The Great War,” i.e “The War To End All Wars,” had ended only 23 years before Pearl Harbor. Now European nations were fighting each other again. No wonder there was resistance and unease about the sacrifices this new war demanded. No wonder Thomas E. Dewey was sweeping the straw polls while the GOP was heralding its upcoming triumph and planning how to upend FDR’s programs. This political cartoon, on “The Voice of the People,” p. 14 tells that side of the story.

Fashion forward look

Fashion forward look

Yet Rea Seeger’s fashion column advised women about the latest look for holiday finery for upcoming celebrations: short cocktail dresses with long tapering sleeves and “Flashing with beads, sequins and paillettes.” Strong contrasts on black and white would be popular but tobacco brown and kingfisher blue would look nice on blondes.  Marshall Field & Company advertised this elegant dress on p. 21 while p.23 promised accomplished seamstresses “A Tailored Fall Ensemble” from one set of patterns.

The cartoon told one story, the ad another. Which story would prevail on November 3?

No letters today.

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