Spectacular Jail Break!

Saturday, Oct. 10, 1942

While phone calls were expensive, they had, up til now, at least been an option for my parents. Now, the Board of War Communications announced, beginning Nov. 1 calls related to the war effort and defense would be given priority. Any other kind of call could be interrupted for a priority call. For my parents, this would reduce a  line of communication. Good thing they were still planning to East in November.

Roger Touhy celebrated in film

Roger Touhy celebrated in film

The really big news on the front page was an prison break by “seven desperate convicts” headed by Roger “Terrible” Touhy, head of a northwest side gang. So spectacular was this break that it was celebrated in a 1944 film with Preston Foster playing Touhy. Less attention was paid to the Senate revolt against FDR’s social programs. Maybe because solid GOP sweep during the mid-term elections seemed a forgone conclusion although the Tribune announced a straw poll to take place Nov. 3.

But with warm weather and gently winds, it was a good day for one of the many excursions my father had promised – especially since gas rationing had not yet started: A good time for an afternoon excursion to the Baha’i Temple in Willmette.

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