Cabbage Gets Its Turn

Friday, Oct. 9, 1942

Chicago Farmers Market illustrate Fall abundance

Chicago Farmers Markets illustrate Fall abundance

“ Cabbage Is Full of Nutrition and Easy on Budgets” promised Mary Meade today.  “Plentiful and inexpensive” in the fall, it could be served au gratin or in bacon sauce. There were also recipes for Carrot Puffs – a “Basis for a Complete Meal” and spiced apple jam, “ a recipe especially designed for wartime cookery.” It was hardly wartime private as experienced in Europe or Asia.

Oddly, there is a back-to-the-future aspect in this emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables. Beginning in the 1950’s, processed and frozen foods were the norm — and you’d better believe busy mothers and housewives welcomed their ease of use! Now the pendulum is swinging back to fresh seasonal foods. Anyone visiting a Chicago Farmers Market today – like this one at the Museum of Contemporary Art — would have a sense of the abundance once available to Chicagoans seventy years ago. The recipes are also a poignant reminder to me of the outdoor booth my grandparents assembled every year to mark Succot, the Feast of Tabernacles. I can still smell the sweetly pungent odor of bunches of the deep purple scuppernong grapes hanging from the string roof.

Time to light the Sabbath candles. No letters today.


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