Gas Rationing Blues

Thursday, Oct. 8, 1942

Gas Ration form

Gas Ration form

Although my father had written about selling his car, I’m betting he, along with virtually every other car-owning American, was studying the form to submit for his share of fuel under the rules for rationing. Even if he got a special allocation as a staff physician at the Veterans Administration, he’d still some extra for personal use.

Three sons and German shepherd Rex ready to serve their country

Three sons and German shepherd Rex ready to serve their country

With the war news still mixed and political clashes, it was a relief to read, on p. 10 of today’s Tribune,  about Mr.and Mrs. Joseph Well, of the Chicago Beach hotel, whose three sons were all serving in the military — and even their pet German shepherd Rex. Lt. Leslie J. Well was about to be shipped overseas, Harry Well was completing his medical degree, and Byron was a student at Citadel Academy. Rex was stationed at Fort Robinson, Nebraska.

As this generation passes away, it is important to remember each and every individual who contributed to the war effort. If anyone knows what happened to these three courageous brothers and their dog, please post a comment.

No letters today.


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