Dogs For Defense

Tuesday, Oct. 6, 1942

Scrap to weapons

Scrap to weapons

Americans were enlisting in the Armed Forces, buying War Bonds, and collecting scrap metal. They were also donating their pet dogs to the war effort. Dogs for Defense was launched in 1941, after Pearl Harbor, a joint effort by the military and the American Kennel Association. The Tribune this day celebrated Hank and Tuffy, two pals “Whose Paths War Will Part.” Two-year old Henry Giles Miller II holds Tuffy, real name “Gentleman Jim,” on a leash as they pose for the photographer.

Dogs helped then as they do now

Dogs helped then as they do now

Gentleman Jim would get 8-12 weeks training and might serve the country as a sentry, scout, wire layer, pack animal, mine detector, messenger, or a sled dog. Dogs served in both the Pacific and European theaters.

Some humor that night: Fibber McGee and Molly and the doings at 79 Wistful Vista, 8:30 PM WMAQ, sponsored by Johnson Wax. (episode from winter 1942. A taste of Chicago weather to come?)




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