Off to the Adler Planetarium

Sunday, Oct. 4, 1942

The weather turned mild and the winds were gentle. A perfect day for one of the outings my father had promised my mother in an August 16th letter:

The Adler Planetarium, 1942

The Adler Planetarium, 1942

“I’ve got a whole list of places for you to see… let’s see, first I’ll show you Chicago, in cross-section and around the periphery, then we’ll see, on a Sunday the planetarium, Aquarium (Excellent) and museum* and the Loop and a show, etc. Then on another Sunday, we’ll see the Ba’hai Temple, Northwestern University and the Arboretum and one whole Sunday we’ll reserve for the zoo and another for Naperville (swimming), maybe go for a canoe ride and play golf and see the Great Lakes Naval Training Station.” But his favorite place was the Adler Planetarium. In June, he even cut short a letter to his sister on the grounds that “I have to go to the Planetarium today to hear the June lecture – I think it’s on the moon this month. Good stuff!”

Every one of these is worth a visit today.

*The Field Museum

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