Yanks vs Cards, Yanks vs Nazis

Saturday, Oct. 3, 1942

Was the tide of war turning? The Tribune’s banner headline proclaimed “Biggest U.S. Raid on Nazis” and the downing of 18 enemy planes. But Admiral Thomas C. Hart found the civilian attitude toward war “Saddening” (page 4). Touring the country, Hart, former commander of allied naval forces in the western Pacific, felt Americans had misplaced priorities. Officers and seamen, he remarked, returned from the fighting “to find many of the folks back home not participating in ‘equality of sacrifice’.”

It must have been hard to fathom. The Yankees and the Cardinals expected a sell-out crowd in St. Louis for the third game of the World Series– despite rationing. For fans who couldn’t travel — and my father was a Yankee fan all his life – WGN would be broadcasting live at noon. (An actual home video of a 1942 World Series Game)

In football, the Northwestern Wildcats were set to play the Texas Longhorns and Notre Dame was facing Georgia Tech. The Belmont stakes on Sunday would feature outstanding 2-year olds Whirlaway and Alsab.

No letters today.



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