Too Happy To Leave

Thursday, October 1, 1924

While my father was ambivalent about traveling east because he was so frustrated, my mother was ambivalent because she was so happy. In a letter posted today, my mother explained to her sister-in-law:

"You have no idea how happy we've been..

“You have no idea how happy we’ve been..

I’m pretty sure I’ll be in New York the final week in November. I had planned on leaving here in the middle of October, but it would mean being away for a month, and that’s unthinkable. Two weeks will be bad enough! You have no idea how happy we’ve been these last three weeks – or perhaps I should speak only for myself. As you know, I’ve had a rocky time of the last four or five years. And I was almost resigned to the fact that I must atone for some crime committed by a thoughtless ancestor. There didn’t seem any other reason for it, because all my life I’d lived by the carefully instilled code of my parents; and they are pious people. Be that as it may, the score seems to be settled and now I anticipate a happy life with just a normal share of trouble. I suppose there should be come in everyone’s life to highlight the joys.

One letter out, none in today.

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