A Crime Is Solved

Thursday, Sept. 24, 1942

With mingled horror and relief Chicagoans read in the Chicago Tribune: “Son admits 2 Ax Murders.” Front page headlines once again featured war news, especially the success of the Russians pushing the Nazis back in Stalingrad. But further inside the paper was the announcement that meat rationing was in the offing. From gas to fuel oil to milk, Americans were beginning to sense the closing in of the war.

Back home, my father sent his sister a wedding announcement. There was still only cold silence from his mother. However, my mother was already building a relationship with her new sister-in-law writing, “If you think he is a wonderful brother, you should only know what a peerless husband he is! He’s made me so happy these past few days that I envy myself.”

Announcing that she would come to New York in October to pack her remaining things and to wind up her affairs,  she promised, “I’ll get in touch with you as soon after I arrive as possible.”

No letters today. It was a good time for diversion. The Lone Ranger was on WENR at 6 (enjoy this 1937 episode). It was a welcome escape to simpler days of heroes in white hats.





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