Jeepers! A Jeep Kit….

Wednesday, Sept 16, 1942

Oil was going to be rationed blared the Chicago Tribune. On the Solomon Islands, Marines repelled a five-day attack by the Japanese. Stalingrad was in flames as Russians repelled Nazi attacks. Eighteen and nineteen-year olds would soon be called up. As the prospect of wider military service grew, advertisements offered items especially for the troops.

Everything a soldier would need.

Everything a soldier would need.

Marshall Field offered a “new handy” jeep kit – only $3.50 complete with tooth brush box and tooth brush, tooth powder, soap box and soap, shaving equipment, a sewing kit, and a hair brush and comb.

Still silence from my father’s family. His widowed mother had hoped for better. Her son, a doctor, marrying a divorcee? One with no money? If that sounds like an old joke, it meant heartbreak for my parents. The disapproval prompted them to revise their timetable: my mother would return East a month earlier than planned and enlist her family to win over her new mother-in-law. As soon as he could get leave, my father would come out to help.

The radio played the Frank Loesser/J.J. Lilley hit  “(I got Spurs that) Jingle, Jangle, Jingle.”  The Cardinals were ahead by two games in the race to the league pennant. There were no lights yet at Wrigley Field.


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